Hey, you. I’m Amy!

Word lover and heart-led creative, ready to inject some serious soul into your business.
What makes me tick? Adding a shed load of sparkle and shine to your brand voice so that you light up the room and make your ideal client go ‘Ooh’.

I hear ya…

You know who you are and what you do, but how do you translate that epicness to the world? With some KILLER copy, that’s how!

I help bad-ass creative entrepreneurs like you find the words to express yourself in a genuine and engaging way – enabling you to attract your dream clients and build a successful, booming business.

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Is your copy connecting with your brand? Let’s rephrase… Are your dream clients banging down your door? If not, it might be time for a copy spruce up – and that’s where I come in.

With the right words said in the right way, it’s time to make a big impact. Start here.


Amy is an incredible copywriter! I am extremely passionate about what I do and I will happily talk about what I do all day every day!! But writing it down to reflect my passion, expertise and excitement is a challenge. I’m so pleased I started working with Amy. She translates my passion, personality and values so beautifully and effectively into website copy. It’s a pleasure to read…and it sounds as if I wrote it myself!! She has a natural talent for writing and she is a pleasure to work with too. Thank you so much Amy, I can’t wait to continue working with you!”

Becky Stanton, Mindset Coach

“Amy, what an amazing copywriter you are! Amy just got what I was trying to do, got to know me and my personality! I am totally over the moon about the work she has done for my website! Reads so well and sounds like me! Can’t thank you enough! Amazing all around.”

Melissa Petch, Petch Organics

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