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Looking for Killer Ghostwriting in the UK?

First of all, how fricken’ exciting! Writing a book is often on a lot of people’s bucket lists so kudos for actually taking this step to making it a reality.

Secondly, you’re in the right place because I would love to help you write it. 

One of the best parts of being a ghostwriter is getting to be the vessel for telling your individual, unique stories, and expressing that in a way that’s engaging, authentic, and fun. 

Whether a memoir, self-help book, or fiction, there’s no better privilege for me than to help you write your story, your way.

Why choose me for your ghostwriting in the UK?

I’ve been ‘telling tales’ for as long as I can remember… 😉

From writing detailed defence case statements and witness statements during my time in the legal sector, to writing engaging website copy as a copywriter, to working on my own work of fiction, my brain’s done it all.

And truly nothing makes me happier than putting on my creative hat, meeting new people, and settling into an interesting writing project I can put my stamp on.

How do my ghostwriting services work?

Ghostwriting project timeline

No two ghostwriting projects are the same, but as a guideline you can expect your book to be written in approx. 6 months from the point of starting your project together.

Initial conversation

We’ll meet initially in person or online and I’ll carry out detailed research, character planning, and lay out the whole structure of the book (usually via a ‘beat sheet’) before we get down to the best part – writing your story!

Ghostwriting project completion

Throughout the process, I’ll check in with you regularly and submit sections of your book at a time to enable you to review and check we’re on the right track to creating the book of your dreams.

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What else do you need to know?

The most important thing? 

Telling your story the way it deserves to be told.

So, let’s get started shall we?

Ghostwriting FAQs

A ghostwriter is someone who works collaboratively with you to help you write your book. You’ll provide the overarching idea and/or information required and the ghostwriter will write the full book for you in your tone of voice. You’ll then be able to publish the book under your own name.

Ghostwriting is a collaborative process meaning that we’ll work together to bring your book idea to life. I’ll interview you (often multiple times) to establish your goals, tone of voice, and target audience, plus all the relevant info we’ll need to make it work. We’ll plan out how it’ll look together before I set to work and send you sections every month for your review.

It really depends on how much info needs to be gathered, how long the book is, how complex the subject matter is, plus any snags that come up along the way such as a change of direction or additional info that comes to light. As a rough guideline though, you can expect the process to take approximately 6 months from initial call to finished draft. 

Again, cost depends on the length of the book and the complexities involved in the preparation and writing. I charge £200 per 1000 words for writing, and prep can cost anywhere between £2-5k. 

I’m a little fussy over the books I write as I want it to be an enjoyable and life changing process for both of us. If it’s non-fiction, it has to be a topic I’m knowledgeable and/or passionate about, and if it’s a novel, I generally prefer romance or crime/thriller (I know, what a mix!) I also write memoirs and adore the process of writing about your life. 

I became a ghostwriter almost completely by fluke! I was writing a website for a client who told me she wanted me to write her novel – and of course I said a big ‘HELL YES!’ The rest as they say is history. 

What it all comes down to is your ghostwriter’s writing style, whether they can capture your tone of voice, and ultimately, whether you get on well. You’ll be working together for quite some months so make sure it’s someone you genuinely like and who treats you and your book with the preciousness you deserve!