How to choose a copywriter for your website

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So, you’ve got the all-singing and dancing website and your branding is on point… But words that showcase your message and show off all your best bits (eh hem work wise)… you’ve got, none. And whilst having a fully functional website and snazzy imagery is great, it’s your copy that’s really going to connect with your ideal clients. Read on for my top tips for how to choose a copywriter for your website. 

Where to start when looking for a copywriter

My advice when you’re looking to choose a copywriter? Start with Google and work back from there. Try and niche down exactly what you’re looking for instead of simply searching for a ‘website copywriter’. For example, if you work in the beauty industry, it might be a good idea to Google ‘website copywriter for beauty therapists’. If you want to work with a local copywriter or at least someone in the same time zone as you, have a look for specific locations e.g. ‘website copywriter near me’, or ‘website copywriter in xx location’. Social media is also a great place to get a feel for someone, as well as asking for recommendations. 

Agency or freelancer?

As someone who’s worked for various agencies, there’s certain pros and cons. The benefits are that you’re essentially getting two sets of eyes on your work – the copywriter who’s writing your copy, and the owner of the agency who checks over it. Plus, if there’s any issues with your copywriter, you can take this up with the agency owner who might be able to find you a suitable replacement (or do the work themselves). 

However, working with an agency usually costs a fair bit more money – and there’s certain ethical issues to consider. For example, how would you feel if you found out that you were paying X amount of money and the person actually writing your copy was taking less than 50%? If you choose a copywriter who’s a freelancer, it’s usually cheaper, plus that person will be fully focused and dedicated to serving you to the best of their ability because you are their direct client rather than an agency. 

How to find a website copywriter:

1. Check out their website

The fail-safe place to look when choosing your website copywriter is, you’ve guessed it, checking out a copywriter’s website. This should be where they really showcase themselves and their services and you should be able to get a feel for whether they’re a good fit for you and your business (if they’re doing it right!) For example, do they work in similar industries? Do you like their writing style? What about how they come across? Do you feel a connection to them? 

2. Chat to your copywriter

Online presence can be deceiving – we’ve all been there with those pesky catfishes! So, before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’ve actually spoken to your website copywriter first – either via telephone, video chat, or in-person.  This is usually in the form of a free ‘discovery call’ so take full advantage of it. Find out how they work, what their process is like, if they’re comfortable writing about your industry, and most importantly, if you vibe with them. You should know fairly quickly whether or not it’s a good match. 

3. Website copywriter experience (read their testimonials and check out their past work)

Now it’s all well and good if they talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? I.e. Do they have evidence (and killer copy) to back up what they’re telling you? Most copywriters will either have a portfolio on their website or links to copywriting samples they can send you on request. Do you like their work? Is the copy easy and engaging to read? Does it make you want to take action? 

If your copywriter is well established, they should also have client testimonials up on their website. What’s the general consensus? Are the reviews a bit wishy-washy/standard, or do they express why this particular copywriter is so great?

4. Request a copywriting quote… and know your budget

Before choosing your website copywriter, you need to know your budget. Most copywriters will display their pricing on their website but if not, make sure you ask the question before you dive straight into a discovery call – it could end up being a waste of your time and theirs. Some copywriters offer payment plans so it’s definitely worth asking the question, and others will throw in some added bonuses when you book a larger package. 

Choose a copywriter and hire them!

Covered all the bases? Now it’s time to stop any overthinking and press the green light on hiring your chosen website copywriter. Trust the pro – they know what they’re doing and they’ll be hyper-focused on creating some killer copy that makes your heart sing!

Think we might be a good fit? Check out my website copywriting services and please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re a dreamer, a visionary, and/or a changemaker, and you like thinking outside of the box, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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With a background in Law and over 10 years’ ‘side-hustling’ as a freelance writer, Amy now runs her own copywriting business helping creative and authentic business owners find their unique brand voice, transforming it into meaningful, engaging copy that sounds just like them and attracts their dream clients.

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