Killer Website Copy Workbook

The DIY solution that’s about to take your website copy from zero to hero in as little as one day!

📣 Calling all serviced-based biz bosses! Imagine if you could sit down in one day and have ALL your website copy written. Yep. ONE day. 

Probably doesn’t sound possible right now, right?


Because I’ve created something that’s about to take alllll the overwhelm and stress away.

But first, tell me if this sounds like you:

You’ve got your branding down, you’re killing it on social media, and you’re ready to step into those kickas CEO shoes to start selling your services…

…There’s just one teeny, tiny problem. 

You’ve not got website copy that showcases how flipping GREAT you are!

I see you over there 👀

➡️ You want a smack in the face fantastic website that shows off your best assets and has your services selling like hot cakes, but you’re completely overwhelmed with where to start.

➡️ Every time you try to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard,  you hit a blank and find yourself wanting to throw your laptop out of the window (trust me, it’s more common than you think!)

➡️ You know it’s gotta be done and more than that, you WANT it to be done, but you keep falling down the Google rabbit role, searching for answers that just aren’t cutting it. 

Knowing where to start with writing your own copy can feel like a minefield. And that’s exactly why I’ve created something to hold your hand throughout and guide you step by step to creating every section you need on your website with ease and flow.

Introducing… (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! 🥁)  


Listen, despite the fact that I’m a writer, I’ve been where you are. I know what it’s like to know you want something amazing to showcase your offers and services to the world, but you have no idea where to start.

Writer’s block is a well-known invisible entity that we’ve all met at some point or another. But what if you could sit down with every. single. step. mapped out for you so all you have to do is follow it?!

Hint: YOU CAN.

Here’s the lowdown of what we cover in the workbook:

🌟 In-depth questions covering your brand messaging and tone of voice so you know how to speak to your ideal client.

🌟 Your own copy wordbank which you can keep referring back to when you need to sprinkle in some word genius to your website copy.

🌟 How to write your Home page so you can introduce your biz in all its glory and have your reader clicking for more.

🌟 How to write your About page so you can set yourself apart from everyone else.

🌟 How to write your Services page so you can sum up your offers and start sealing the deal.

🌟 How to write your detailed Sales page so you can really go into detail with your offerings and entice your ideal clients to buy.

🌟 How to write your Contact Form because your dream clients need a place to get in touch with you.

🌟 How to write your Blog page for those of you that have made the decision to drive more traffic to your website and establish your authority.

🌟 Do’s and Don’ts so you know exactly what you should be including AND what you shouldn’t!

🌟 PLUS exclusive BONUS discount codes for the SOS copy audit so you can have my expert eyes whizz over the copy you’ve written and make it sparkle!

ALL for just £79!!!

Becky (Mindset Coach)

“You’ve taken my jumbled passion + thoughts and created an invitation for my clients that gave me tingles. It’s exactly what’s in my heart + expressed exactly what I want to say. THANK YOU!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “But this is JUST a workbook. How helpful can it REALLY be?” 

Well, let me tell you first of all, this isn’t just ANY workbook (cue M&S advert), this is a 60+ page detailed guide that covers every single section for every single page with countless examples throughout. 

It’s essentially a super comprehensive course, just without my beautiful face on video and the slide clicks. And I’m honestly so excited about the impact this is about to create on so many female business owners! 

Because this isn’t just something you use once and chuck away. It’s something you can keep coming back to time and time again when you’re creating a new offer, or refreshing your brand.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

Why Me?

Hey, I’m Amy! Founder of Killer Copy and Author of the Killer Website Copy Workbook.

Now, I bloody love writing website copy and sales pages but I know that a lot of you do not – hence why you ask me to do it. But I also know that sometimes you don’t have the funds to hire a copywriter to do it for you, or you’d prefer to write it yourself but don’t have a foggiest where to begin.

That’s why I’ve taken all my experience of working with clients from a wide-range of backgrounds – from badass bosses starting their businesses, to thriving 6 figure coaches – and condensed it all into this kickass workbook that you can dip in and out of until you have the website copy of your dreams!

Because let me tell you something right now. You CAN write. And you can write your own website copy. Think of this workbook as your sidekick, your ultimate guide book, and the Killer Queen in your pocket that’s about to have your words reaching new heights on your website!

Are you ready?


How do I use the copy workbook?

Simply save your copy and start filling it in! Each section is broken down into manageable chunks so you can pick up where you left off if you’re pressed for time.

Will this help me write my website copy?

Abso-fricken-lutely!! Once you’ve completed the full workbook, you’ll have copy for your ENTIRE website. What’s more, whenever you want to add a new offer, or refresh your brand, the workbook is there for you to come back to time and time again.

How will I receive my order?

Once you click ‘buy’, you’ll be asked to provide your name and email address so the workbook can be sent directly to your email. From there, you’ll have instant access!

Does this work for product-based businesses?

This workbook has been designed with service-based biz bosses in mind but you can make use of my SOS copy audit if you’d love a copywriter to whizz their beady eyes over your words.

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