Since starting my freelance writing journey, I’ve been building up a collection of useful tools and resources that I hope you’ll find useful too.

The links below are by no means exhaustive, but they should help you on your way to developing your writing career. Some of the links are affiliate links, so if you do decide to purchase via these links, I get paid for the referral, but at no additional cost to you! I also only recommend products which I’ve personally used myself and believe they will provide great value to you, as they have done me.

Freelance Writer’s Den

Carol Tice is the Queen of freelance writing and becoming a member of her exclusive club; the Freelance Writer’s Den, is a great move for anyone looking to seriously advance their freelance writing career. Benefits include a high quality job board with well-paid gigs, active forums where you can interact with other writers, as well as tons of resources to help you improve.

Proofreading Academy

Whether you’re working on your own project or want to provide proofreading/editing services, I couldn’t recommend the Proofreading Academy enough. I’m currently over half-way through the course and I’ve already learnt so much that I’m starting to question what I learnt back in my school days! Even better, if you pass the final assignment, you’re guaranteed work at the end of it. Hurrah.


Udemy is a fantastic (and affordable) way to level up your skills, and there are courses on a wide range of topics – not just the writing sector. Personally, I’ve found some highly valuable courses around writing your first novel, starting up a blog (here I am!), and upping your social media marketing skills.

Free blogging tools

  • Grammarly – for correcting those pesky typos and making sure your writing is clear and concise.
  • Capitalize My Title – for making sure those blog headlines are capitalised correctly.
  • CoSchedule’s headline analyser – for writing great headlines that drive results.
  • Unsplash – for adding in gorgeous free stock images to make your blogs more visually appealing.
  • Google Analytics – for monitoring traffic to your site and providing detailed stats to help you grow.
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