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Hi, I’m Amy. Freelance copywriter and expert pyjama wearer. It’s time to transform your voice and values into meaningful, KILLER copy to attract your dream clients!

I get it.

  • You have so much passion for your product or service and every time you talk about it, it LIGHTS YOU UP. But when you try to write it down? Gobbledygook.
  • You’re sick of the sleazy sales tactics and desperately want to sell without the ick. You want your audience to really feel something so they connect with you and your offer but you’re completely stumped…
  • You’re busy building your business empire, with a million ideas going through your mind at any one time. Starting one thing, then next, and the next. There’s simply not enough hours in the day, and your creative brain is about to pop.

Sound familiar?

You can’t do everything – and if you try, you’ll end up doing even less. Cue moi. Your leading lady in all things copy.

Blog Content

From £99

I feel ya. Blogging can be so time consuming. But if you want to stand out and build your audience, you’ve gotta do it. Or get me to do it. Simples.

Web Copy

From £299 per web page

People buy from people. And where do you go to find people? Their website! You already know you’re the shizz, but it’s time to let your dream clients on the secret too.

Social Captions

From £249 for 10 captions

Oh sweet social… if only it were simple. Guess what? It can. If you’re hanging out where the cool kids are (i.e. your ideal clients), that’s how you’ll draw them in.

Sales Pages

From £599

You’ve got a sweeeet offer, but it ain’t selling. That’s because no-one knows how awesome it is and how it can change their life. It’s time to power up your words and drive those sales!


Dressed to Kill

(Website copy)

From £849

  • 1 hour consultation call
  • Competitor research
  • Copy for the three core pages of your website: Home page copy that captures the essence of your brand and magnetises your dream clients; About page copy that perfectly tells your story and connects you to your audience, and; Work with me/Services page copy to seal the deal.
  • Bonus Contact page copy
  • 1 x round of revisions

Killer Queen

(Sales page)

From £599

  • 1 hour consultation call
  • Competitor research
  • Killer long-form sales page to have your audience feeling all the feels and ready to buy
  • 1 x round of revisions
  • Option to add on social captions and email sequences

Kill after Kill

(Monthly retainer)

From £249

  • Done for you monthly content so you don’t have to!
  • Choose from captions, newsletters or blogs – or a combination of all 3!
  • 1 hour monthly consultation call to map out the month’s content and make sure your messaging is on point.
  • This package can be adapted to your biz needs so just lemme know whatcha thinking and we’ll Killer Copy it up!

How does it work?

Fill out the contact form and tell me all the juicy details about your biz.

We’ll hop on a call to chat about your hopes and dreams (i.e. your project) and see if we’re a good fit.

If we are, I’ll send you a deeper dive questionnaire, along with a contract and invoice. I’ll need a 50% deposit before we push the green light on your project.

From there, it’s go, go, go! And soon, you’ll have a brand new sparkly piece of copy. Magic!

“Amy, what an amazing copywriter you are! Amy just got what I was trying to do, got to know me and my personality! I am totally over the moon about the work she has done for my website! Reads so well and sounds like me! Can’t thank you enough! Amazing all around.”

Melissa, Product Based Biz Boss

“Thank you, Amy, for all your incredible work. I am so excited to be working with you. You have taken my ideas and thoughts and created them into amazing copy that is aligned to my voice and brand. I have been signing clients, getting so many more people reach out and I feel so aligned with my messaging.”

Lindsey, Mindset Coach

“Amy, thank you so SO much for my sales page copy. It’s incredible! You’ve taken my jumbled passion + thoughts and created an invitation for my clients that gave me tingles. It’s exactly what’s in my heart + expressed exactly what I want to say. THANK YOU!! You are amazing and I can’t wait to continue working with you on other copy!”

Becky, Mindset Coach

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